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William E. Johnson

Born in Charlottesville, VA

Lives in Midlothian, VA

My work reflects the experiences of African –Americans. As an artist, I am driven by needs that are both aesthetic and social.

I am in search of cultural identity, self-discovery and understanding. It is very important that my work becomes a vital community resource. I want to establish a direct relationship with people of all socioeconomic and educational levels. I want my work to reflect a continuum of aesthetic principles derived from Africa and America.


My challenge, as an artist is to find ways to use both the spiritual and materials powers of art is such a way that my expressions become a vehicle for the understanding of people.


BFA, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1982

Graduate studies, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2000 – 2005

Partner in the Arts, University of Richmond, 2009-2012


BAAAR, MCV-VCU Medical Center, 2017

Art Educator, MCV-VCU Medical Center, 2017

Diversity, SunTrust Bank, Richmond, VA, 2016

National Arts Exhibit, MCV, VCU Medical Center, 2016

Then and Now, Browne Studio Gallery, Richmond, VA, 2016

VSU Faculty Exhibition, Virginia State University, 2016

The Men Have Spoken, Walton Gallery Inc., Petersburg, VA, 2015

BAAAR, MCV-VCU Medical Center, 2014 – 2015

Congruent Images, Elegba Folklore Society, Richmond, VA, 2015

African-American Art:  Inspirations from Past, Present & Future, Capital One, West Creek campus, 2014

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